www.sellercircle.in is a business venture of AJ Digi Media Private Limited (ADMPL)

It is a website owned by ADMPL, which is into Services and sales of various types of videos including product E-commerce consulting, Visual Content creation, Training, Account Management services, Catalogue creation.

Sellercircle is a Registered Trademark of AJ DIGI MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, also an Amazon Affiliate partner and Amazon SPN partner.

  • E-commerce consulting: Consulting services to Customer (Online seller) understand how to sell on marketplace and enable the product listing and support service on sales boost.
  • Visual Content creation: A+ / Enhanced content creation with info graphic, Amazon Brand store creation, Infographic Listing.
  • Account Management: Day to day Operation management through Outsourced manager on marketplace account.
  • Training Services: To understand the complete actions and how to sell on Marketplaces.
  • Catalogue creation: Listing the Products and Content creation with acceptable format.

An end-user (a person, firm, company, or the legal entity) which purchases any services from ADMPL.

Support Offered

Based on Service offered Customers will be indicated on the Support manager contact details for immediate reach out.

Governing Laws

Any disputes arising in connection with this Accidental Damage Protection Plan shall be governed by the laws of India. The courts of Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising hereunder.

Getting Service

To get service, visit our website www.sellercircle.in or email us at contact@sellercircle.in

Cancellation or Return

Cancellation : Customer can cancel before the start of service or before 48 hours from placing the order if there is cancelation of services it can be written to contact@sellercircle.in / contact@ajdigimedia.com

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